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Hunan Construction Machinery Co. Diamond Celebration documen
Date:2017/6/23 9:43:32
Hunan King Kong Construction Machinery Co., is a professional research and manufacturing drilling and pneumatic tools of modern high-tech enterprises. The company's existing high-quality staff of more than 260 people, R & D personnel more than 20 people, with a full set of advanced drilling equipment, and a number of research institutions at home and abroad to establish a strategic partnership, committed to the development and use of new products and new technologies , independent research and development has produced China's most advanced high pressure DTH hammer, all kinds of DTH bits, eccentric drilling to follow up with the tube, all kinds of screw drill, reverse circulation drill and impactor, shank and coupling sleeve, drill pipe drilling machines and accessories and other products. It can be widely used in earthwork, mining, oil drilling, water well and pile foundation engineering. It is currently drilling industry in the most complete product line, the most abundant species, the most widely used one of the enterprises, also one of the largest export manufacturer of drilling.

Chairman Mr. Yang day is the right tool industry pioneer and leader, one people, as early as 1999, Mr. Yang day right with a brother of investing in factories in Changsha, Hunan, Changsha created Black Edition Industrial Co., Ltd., began working on the drilling products research and business, who led the team again made a revolutionary breakthrough in drilling product development, the achievements of the variety in the market, enduring products, leading the industry forward direction of development. After ten years of concentrated study and market test, in 2011, in order to meet the needs of an increasingly large drilling products market, Mr. Yang core team led by Japanese right in Loudi open up new research and production base, the establishment of "King Kong Hunan Machinery Co., Ltd. "with rich experience in R & D, outstanding talent and strong product innovation capabilities and production scale, to create a batch of excellent performance, excellent quality of products, the majority of users, quickly selling the country, and good brand effect caused widespread concern in the international market, the products are exported to the United States, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, more than 20 countries and regions, and again the domestic drilling industry production research and development into a new height for the new diamond drilling industry in the rapid development has laid a solid foundation.
Hunan King Kong in the past two years, the global economic downturn, demand down, many business faces many challenges in the background, the courage to face the pressure, breaking seek business development. Last year, out of Loudi homeland, into the Yueyang Pingjiang billion yuan investment in the industrial zone Wu City, 80 acres of land, to open up a new battlefield.
Since April 2012 the new plant started, all new employees and Diamond project builders to overcome difficulties, through the efforts of a year and a half, in June 2013 formally completed, and built a construction area of 10,000 square meters of office building , more than 12,000 square meters of modern plant and various facilities, the entire building area of 35,000 square meters, in order to ensure the smooth opening of the new plant.
The new King Kong from the preparation to the opening, by the various aspects of leadership attaches great importance and care, has been widespread concern in the community, construction decoration construction unit of comrades, for engineering shed a lot of sweat, all this will be in Hunan remember the heavy sum on the development of new diamond annals! The future will rely on good national policy, with all forces abide by the concept of brand management, technology and innovation seeking development, in order to establish a brand management excellence, first-class quality to gain market confidence, quality service to win customer satisfaction, establish drilling industry benchmark! And constantly open up, benign development, the best record of social and economic benefits, social returns and lay a good foundation.
With the new base put into operation, in order to achieve the new strategic map diamond drilling industry has set a milestone in a solid, but also marks a new diamond drill sounded in the domestic industrial layout Assembly, opened a new diamond in magnificent country drilling industry.
Man Road as the iron, and now the move from scratch! As a Chinese drilling industry pioneer and leader in today's new King Kong, is a solid walk in striving for a world-class brand of the road, standing at a new starting point to a new goal of forging ahead, and constantly new achievements glory. We have reason to believe that the Chinese drill into the international market, the journey, the new King Kong will again and again to write a legendary Chinese national enterprises and glory!
November 18, 2013, the new plant Hunan King Kong ride eight heaters, Peoples should look forward, in this small male October, the lingering warmth of a great season in the new plant celebration was held!
The event invited government leaders and departments at all levels and the community guests to visit the scene of the celebration of 300 people. Important leaders invited to attend the ceremony are: Pingjiang CPC Committee secretary, deputy secretary of the county, county, county People's Congress, CPPCC Chairman, director of the CMC Pingjiang Industrial Park, counties departments and units the main people in charge of many leaders; to participate in celebrations the guests: Secretary-General of China Association with solder drill rod, chairman of the Singapore international Machinery company, South Africa PG company CEO, Korea drilling Micro agency, Changsha King Kong Industrial Co., Ltd., Xiamen Siu-hing, chairman of the Electrical and mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen rich development Co., Ltd., general manager, vice president of Sunward related television news media reporter friends and other well-known manufacturers and industry leader. Hunan Diamond Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager Yang day right gave a warm speech, invited guests from the gratitude and good wishes to introduce the grand blueprint for the future prospects of the company, invited some guests were ribbon-cutting ceremony started. Afternoon variety show theater arrangements full of youthful vigor new diamond staff and positive style. This celebration a success in a grand, harmonious, lively atmosphere, by the praise of the government and the community!

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