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Hunan new diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Yunnan
Date:2017/10/20 17:45:22

       Today, Hunan new diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Yunnan storage center under the auspices of Mr. Yang Riquan, chairman of the board of directors officially opened. The warehouse is located in Kunming City West Plateau Pearl Hardware Electrical market A11 No. 1 building, covers an area of 150 square meters, the establishment of the storage center marks a new diamond in Yunnan to become a set of production, storage, as the "customers" integration of service and the neighboring southwest.

      Chairman Mr. Yang Riquan knows the strategic significance of marketing pattern in the enterprise, the use of this new strategic initiatives in the industry under the new situation, to meet the market demand, ensure rapid and effective product supply and service state. Timely and accurate delivery of the product to the customer, for customer service in good after-sales service.

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