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La construcción de la segunda fase de la nueva planta de nue
Date:2017/10/20 12:02:07

     The morning of October 19, 2017 ten, Yueyang mayor Liu Hesheng, Pingjiang party secretary Wang Tao, mayor Huang Weixiong, Pingjiang Industrial Park Management Committee Director Pan Dianhong and other leaders to visit our company, Mr. Yang Riquan chairman of the company and the company's receptionist gave a warm reception, and into my company plant two construction site on-site inspection work, with the view of the the two phase of construction of our engineering quality and engineering construction etc.. The leaders in the first project publicity column on a detailed understanding of the situation, and the factory construction points out some suggestions and opinions, I hope the company can be further improved in the days after the development.


      Then, the chairman of the board under the leadership of Mr. Yang Riquan, and came to our two plant construction site to inspect and exchange views on the friendly exchanges, and asked in detail about the progress of the two phase of the expansion project and the production and operation situation of our company, chairman of the leaders with the whole new plant put into production line for the society for enterprises to bring the promotion, leaders for the new King Kong will continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, improve the position in the industry, to promote regional economic development, as the provincial key construction projects "hundred days tackling" give great praise for my two phase expansion project, also to Mr. Yang Riquan as a private entrepreneur for the benefit of people's sense of social responsibility to give high evaluation and recognition.

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